In the motorcycle field the chain transmission offers high reliability, versatility and an excellent efficiency rating (more than 97%).
By following a few simple directions, it is possible to utilize its full efficiency and at the same time eliminate any obstacles to obtaining a safe and long life.
It is necessary therefore to follow all the information about the selection, assembly and maintenance of the chain. In these pages Regina intends to supply practical suggestions for proper installation, use and maintenance of the chain drive and all the components.
Attrezzi per catene Chain tools   Chain tensioning
Tools for chain disassembling
Tools for chain assembling
Tools for assembling the connecting link
Tools for chain riveting
Tensioning procedure
The chain transmission   Replacement of a chain
What is a chain
Types of connecting links
Replacing a chain with spring clip connecting link
Replacement of an endless riveted chain
  Potential chain drive problems and causes
Lubrication of chains with brush
Lubrication of chains with spray lubricants
Inspecting the chain      
Place the chain under tension
Wear of front and rear sprockets
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Before starting
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Chain disassembling 1
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Chain disassembling 2
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Scarica il filmato
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Closing the rivet link
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Chain tensioning
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Chain lubrication
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the chain
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